Basic Steps In Preparing Self Build Log Cabins

By: Angela Bryant

Project planning is inherent step in any project that an individual or group is to take. Your job becomes so easy with a good and effective project plan. A good project plan will help you easily picture out the progress of your project.

A good project plan for the self build log cabins consists of the following:

Know yourself and skills first. Are you a good carpenter, builder, handyman, or a plumber? Consult an expert of the field if needed.

Will you do all the work yourself or you will hire colleagues to assist your work? Will you do supervision only and trade contract to group of expert to do the details for a fee?

Identify project interdependencies. This is very important because how can you start building your log cabins if you dont have a land, for example?

Prepare the work breakdown schedule (WBS). The WBS should be designed in such a way that it can accurately measure the status of the project. It must also include some risk management formulas to warn you which critical areas that can possibly have problems in order to lessen the risk. WBS should be able to determine which approach is to be taken. It should show and guide you as to when should you need to start building your log cabin, when to maneuver and strategize, and expected date of completion.

Know some government policies and city ordinance affecting on building cabins.

In this way we can exercise control over our project and in the process we will able to maximize available resources and reduce cost.

Step 2: Design your Log Cabins

Different people have different taste. The design is purely dependent on how the owner visualizes his or her ideal log cabin where he or she can imagine so comfortable with. It has its own creative outlook and appearance that basically describes the owners personality.

Your design could be very natural blended with beautiful landscape. It can also be in a sophisticated way but using the handcrafted natural log.

Choose furniture that will balance the handcraft design of your wall, ceiling, and walls.
Good lighting fixtures will also add aroma to balance the type of mood you want to feel to your house.

As a complement, you can put fountain or pool outside the cabin and vines to add shades.

One thing to consider about self building log cabin is that you will enjoy living in the comfort of your cabin and at the same time having this major feeling that you are stay connected with the heart of nature.

Step 3: Materials

One good thing about self building log cabin is that you can choose the type of woods of your own style but will not compromise its quality and attractiveness. You can also treat the log to keep its shape and condition to increase life expectancy.

There are some people who like buying a handcrafted log cabin than to a log cabin builder. You can also choose whether you will use laminating logs or joint logs depending on where you are going to use it.

Step 4: Preparing the Construction Site

This step involves the groundwork operation and clearing the site for easy access. Important in the groundwork operation is the installation of the basic needs of the site like power, water, gas, drainage and waste management system.

Above guide is not a definitive source of information but in any way and means it will help you in your venture to self build log cabin. It is advisable that you obtain professional expertise (e.g. structural engineer, architect, building surveyor, other building specialist) and coordinate with government authorities before you will start your work.


Basic Guidelines On How To Choose A Stockbroker

By: Angela Bryant

Practically, it is never a requirement to have a degree before you become a stockbroker. However, one must posses with him his stockbrokers license in order to be authorized to deal about stocks in the market. While it is not a requirement to hold a degree, most stockbrokers however do hold one. Choosing from long lists of stockbrokers that will help you with your stocks, going through over his credentials will surely help you on how to choose a stockbroker. Of course those who have the experience shall be most preferred. Reading the fluctuations of stock values and stock exchanges is a matter of experience that a stockbroker must learn by heart. This will become his edge when stockholders will eventually decide on how to choose a stockbroker. This experience will practically set his opportunity parameter to be able to get the job.

Most importantly, in line with obtaining the stockbrokers license, a stockholder must be able to be sure that the stockbroker he chose has indeed passed the General Securities Registered Representatives Examination and had rendered at least four months training period before taking the exam. This usually goes with a certification. A stockholder must be able to choose the best stockbroker he can afford as he will be his partner in every exchanges dealing with his stocks. Relationship must be well established professionally and responsibilities must be laid down in order to avoid conflicts of interests. In short, the stockbroker and the stockholder must take care of each other and work harmoniously because each of them is part of the whole package of stocks dealing.


Commercial Photography Shooting For Magazines

By: Your Picture Frames

Sure, there are plenty of magazines out there that deal primarily in celebrity gossip or trendy news. Since its not likely you will be booking Brad Pitt into your studio (or sneaking around outside his house), its important to remember that there are thousands of magazines out there that are all dedicated to pretty much everything else. There are magazines on cars, dogs, computers, fitness, home decor, cooking and so many others. These magazines are always on the market for relevant and useful images that fit their niche.

One way to think about it is that these magazines will always need images of their topics and are happy to pay for them. For example, dog magazines, will never stop needing dog photos so why not focus on a specific niche?

How Do I Get Started?

First, you should look for a niche that you find interesting. Whatever topic you love, chances are good that there is a magazine focused on that particular subject. Once youve decided on a market, swing by your local bookstore and grab a few magazines off the rack. Take a look at the kinds of photos they are using, and ask yourself if these are the kinds of photographs that you will enjoy taking. Its also important to be honest with yourself at this step can you deliver photographs that are at or above the quality of the photos theyre using? If not, work on your photography until you can.

Once you’re ready, look through each magazine and find the photo editor or information on how to submit photos. You want to make sure that you understand the magazine’s guidelines before you start otherwise your pictures will likely not be accepted. Once you know where and how to send your photo, send it in. Its always good to accompany the photo with a brief note this is a good place to link your portfolio.

The Waiting Game

Anytime you submit a photo to a magazine, plan to wait several weeks for a response. Magazines are a print media, and even if accepted your photographs will not show up for a few months. Additionally, its always best to only submit each photo to one publication at a time, this way you dont run the risk of having to decline an offer because another editor has chosen to use your image.

Many times, magazine will note their usual response time to be between 2-8 weeks. If you havent heard anything after this time has expired its okay to send a follow-up note reminding the editor of your submission. Just keep it polite!

What’s so surprising about selling pictures to magazines is that the process is so easy. It can be summed up in its entirety by find it, shoot it, mail it. Selling your photographs to a magazine may sound like a crazy idea, but once you get started making submissions, you’ll wish you would have started doing it sooner!


Top Sites For Celebrity Black Gossip Online

By: ILookFly

What All You Can Find On Celebrity Black Gossip Online

There are various sites on the Internet that are dedicated in providing the latest news, gossips, and inside stories on the lives of famous Hollywood stars. Most of the sites are designed in the simplest manner and they offer the up to date information about the private and public lives of the celebrities. The sections on each site are properly marked, and easy to navigate pages let you find the information that you are looking for in a jiffy. These sites would not only keep you well-versed and entertained but you would never feel left out in a group of people divulging in some hot gossips about the celebrities!

The most important section on any gossiping site on the Internet contains the latest gossips about the lives of a famous rich black celeb.
The gossiping sites offer direct scans from gossip magazines, so if you want to read some interesting articles from the magazines you need not even buy them. Just visit the site and go through the archives list to find the news you are looking for.
Some sites also list political developments that affect the Black celebrities and community.
Many famous sites on celebrity black gossip online are quite frequently visited by the readers who are active bloggers too. By visiting such popular sites where the readers are very actively involved in updating the blog posts, you would find entertaining and humorous posts on several latest gossips and news about the African American celebrities.
Some sites offer the best photographs of black celebrities; some of them are even hard to be found anywhere else on the web. Some sites cover the black community on whole with the latest news in the world of Black entertainment be it movies, sports, or music.
Then there are sites that also give due respect to upcoming black stars. You would find gossips and news on just about any celeb.
Another interesting feature on these gossiping sites is the interviews section. Here you can find live interviews earlier recorded with the black celebs.

Now, you have all the information regarding sites for Celebrity black gossip online. So, what are you waiting for? Start visiting these sites for the latest gossips on the hot black celebs.


Megan Fox Talks About Sex And Her Obsession With Zac Efron

By: Alia Jocob

Megan Fox has also confessed who her celebrity crush is, and hes none other than the High School Musical teen heartthrob Zac Efron! Zac Efron, who is dating his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, has attracted many female fans, young and old alike. In this case, hes even attracted one of the hottest female stars at the moment, Megan Fox, whos admitted that, Zac Efron is my obsession, were the same person. Were not actually here, its like Janet and Michael Jackson. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and its me, and you dont know that. Its one of the greatest mysteries of all time.” Although were not quite sure what to make of this cosmic connection, weve found that Megan Fox will always remain one of our favorite babes in the years to come.


Ben Affleck Returns As Actor Director And Writer

By: Brady Noel

The Town is the first time that Affleck is directing himself in a movie, and he’s picked an ambitious project to do so. Not only is the film filled with other acclaimed actors such as Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, it’s also full of action, a notoriously tricky aspect of film making. Reviews indicate that he’s done an admirable job, making this not only one of his best reviewed films ever, but also putting The Town on equal ground with his directorial debut.

Will the movie-going public forgive Ben Affleck for his past mistakes? It may be a tough sell as this is his first leading role since 2004′s Jersey Girl. Affleck has had many supporting roles in recent years, most notably in Hollywoodland which netted him a Golden Globe nod for Best Supporting Actor. However, with what looks to be strong performances and direction as well as a solid base of critical acclaim, The Town may well cement Affleck’s position as a leading actor/director on par with Clint Eastwood.